My creations are an expression of emotion and memory. Typically, I am not paintinting a thing or an object, but the shapes that come with the emotions I explore while working. As I explore the emotion, memories flit through my mind and inform choices. 

Upcoming Exhibitions


October – ongoing, 2022

My Studio @Base Camp Studios

Belltown, WA


May 27th – ongoing, 2022

BacoVino Cellars

Tukwila, WA


Sept 1 – ongoing, 2022

Alexandria Nicole Cellars

Woodinville, WA

Audacity Wine Bar

Seattle, WA


Dec – March, 2023

Zerba Cellars

Woodinville, WA


Jan – March 2023


West Seattle, WA




Wenatchee, WA



Langley, WA



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